Friday, 6 April 2007

Stemblog � What YOU Can Do!

I really hope that the Bill passes through this time with enough of a majority so that the Idiot in Charge cannot veto this again, and limit this really important research. I hope that there can be enough public support, and people do contact their senators in the States to get that important 66%.

Stemblog � What YOU Can Do!: "We need the Stem Cell Research Enhancement to pass, and to pass with a 2/3 majority, because President Bush has declared that he will veto this bill, once again."


Anonymous said...

Since I have tremors making my head bob, I could not read the whole thing, BUT I do have my own view! SOMETIMES, it's better than others!
I just people to know, it's OK to smile~ my injuries are NOT contagious!! IN March of '99, I was head injured by a drunk driver! I do not "look" like I belong in a chair! ~ IT'S CONFUSSING to others!

Guy said...


You are completely correct! Disability (in all its forms) is confusing, and fearful to so many (temporarily) able people. It is OK to smile & engage with people with disabilities!

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