Thursday, 17 May 2007 | employment_equity Manyi believes that racism still prevalent in the workplace

This bit of news is really frightening. I am not sure which is worse; the fact that People with Disabilities only comprise 0.7% of the workforce...or that the figure has dropped by 30% in 4 years!? I am furious that this is being under-reported. Why was Jimmy Manyi allowed to concentrate on just one aspect of employment equity, which by comparison is streets ahead of Disability. We, as a country, are failing People with Disabilities... There needs to be a mind shift in corporate SA, and the wider society. One thing that I believe would help is an active African Employers Forum on Disability. I can only say "watch this space"! More news as soon as I can... | employment_equity Manyi believes that racism still prevalent in the workplace: "The representation of people with disabilities in the workplace had also gone down since 2000. After starting at .9% in 2000, the representation of people with disabilities had risen to 1% in 2002 but was back down at .7% in 2006. "

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

BBC NEWS | Technology | Smart hat brings play to disabled

Another interesting use of modern technology... I don't think of myself as a geek...but I do get a kick out of how different new technologies can be used to remove barriers that have in some cases been put there by other (older) technologies.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Smart hat brings play to disabled: "A 'smart' cap that allows disabled children to 'drive' radio-controlled cars and boats, has been launched.

The Dream-Racer device has four motion sensors that detect small movements of the head, which are then fed wirelessly to control the toy's direction.

The UK invention has also been adapted to allow disabled people to play games on Sony's PlayStation consoles."

Monday, 7 May 2007

Noesis: VeeSee

Hmm; a counter point to the previous post, Alison was able to point out some issues with VeeSee. I decided to do some more research (I apologise for posting before doing co earlier!). I think her comment to my previous post is well founded. Perhaps, as I come form a country ahead there is precious little sign language available, that I tend to get excited whenever I see that more may be more accessible to a wider audience...

Noesis: VeeSee: "VeeSee is a website that has been launched in the UK by an interpreter, Susie Grant. The site is operating under the Deafeatures Ltd.

Before I go any further, I really want to be positive about online development, but I'm really struggling here. More about that later. The site has a very strange mix of web 1.0 content and design, mixed with a web 2.0 approach through a social network. On the face of it, the site offers:"

BBC NEWS | Technology | IPTV for deaf people takes off

Another interesting development

BBC NEWS | Technology | IPTV for deaf people takes off: "A new web-based television service, or IPTV, for British Sign Language (BSL) users has recently launched in the UK.

VeeSee TV airs news and other programmes in BSL and is available 24 hours a day.

The channel can be viewed on a computer or via a set-top box and is the brainchild of BSL interpreter Susie Grant."

BBC NEWS | Technology | Motion-sensitive laptop developed

An interesting development of Tablet PC technology (which I am already sold on!)

BBC NEWS | Technology | Motion-sensitive laptop developed: "Motion-sensitive laptop developed

Tilting the laptop moves a cursor

A motion-sensitive laptop which can be controlled much like a Nintendo Wii remote is under development.

The tablet PC laptop has been adapted to respond to a user when moving the machine up or down, side to side, or forwards and backwards.

It is hoped the BT Balance system can help people with disabilities or the elderly, for whom using a keyboard or mouse can be difficult."

Sunday, 6 May 2007

I really want a pair of these!!

I would love a pair of these wheels on my wheelchair... They even glow differently at night! Hmmm...
The website is:

BBC NEWS | Europe | Unholy row at clergy soccer game

This is just madness! In a World where the conflict of different religions are causing such issues for us all, we should be looking to the different religious leaders to be trying to build bridges. Still, given my own experiences of religious leaders, I am not at all surprised, but still rather saddened, that they can be so thoughtless... Religions (of all denominations) have much to be ashamed of in this world. This just adds to their list...maybe their God will forgive them... but I don't believe we should.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Unholy row at clergy soccer game: "A friendship-building football match between Muslim and Christian clergy in Norway was called off after a row over the participation of women players.

Muslim Imams had refused to play against women because it went against their beliefs about close physical contact with the opposite sex.

But when the church decided to drop its women players, the priests' team captain walked out in protest."

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

IOL: Blind pilot flies halfway round the world

this is an impressive achievement!

IOL: Blind pilot flies halfway round the world: "Sydney - A blind British pilot landed his microlight aircraft in Sydney on Monday to complete a record-breaking flight halfway around the world.

Miles Hilton-Barber left London on March 7 and flew more than 21 000km to raise funds to fight blindness in developing countries.

'It's the fulfilment of an amazing dream,' the 58-year-old adventurer said after touching down at Sydney's Bankstown airport. 'I've been wanting to do this flight for about four years.'

Hilton-Barber flies with a sighted co-pilot but relies on speech output from his navigation instruments to steer his course, directing the plane from a wireless keyboard."

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