Monday, 7 May 2007

Noesis: VeeSee

Hmm; a counter point to the previous post, Alison was able to point out some issues with VeeSee. I decided to do some more research (I apologise for posting before doing co earlier!). I think her comment to my previous post is well founded. Perhaps, as I come form a country ahead there is precious little sign language available, that I tend to get excited whenever I see that more may be more accessible to a wider audience...

Noesis: VeeSee: "VeeSee is a website that has been launched in the UK by an interpreter, Susie Grant. The site is operating under the Deafeatures Ltd.

Before I go any further, I really want to be positive about online development, but I'm really struggling here. More about that later. The site has a very strange mix of web 1.0 content and design, mixed with a web 2.0 approach through a social network. On the face of it, the site offers:"


Alison said...

Thanks for the link. I agree re the need for more sign language online, just needs to be with Deaf people at its core.

Incidentally, do you know of any Deaf bloggers or people who vlog from SA?

Guy said...

No problem - yours is a well thought out piece. I'll comment on that later. I don't know of any Deaf Bloggers or people who vlog from SA, but I shall ask a lady who works with us sometimes,to see if she knows anyone, as she has better connections into the Deaf community than me. I would imagine that anything we do have would be in its infancy here, due to connectivity issues for many South Africans. Perhaps you could point me at some good blogs & vlogs?

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