Sunday, 24 February 2008

Parking Bay another way

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Outside of Sportsmen's Warehouse in Tygervalley. They had carefully positioned the trampoline in one of the accessible parking bays, but it also blocked the use of the second one. We did point this out to the management, and it was slightly moved, although the problem remained.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

VOA News - China Prepares to Host Paralymics

It will be interesting to see how accessible the Olympics and Paralympics will be this year.

VOA News - China Prepares to Host Paralymics: "China is preparing to hold its first Olympic Games this year, and along with it, the Paralympics Games for disabled athletes. Chinese officials acknowledge that they are far behind in providing equal access for the country's disabled citizens, and they hope the games will help improve the situation. Daniel Schearf reports from Beijing."

The article goes on to say:

Beijing says, for the first time in Paralympics history, the city will pay all travel expenses for disabled athletes and team officials.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Exhibition of "Aesthetic and Disability" in Cape Town

There is an exhibition taking place in Cape Town (Civic Centre) called "Aesthetic and Disability" from 2nd to 29th February.

In a bid to change the way society looks at disabled people and to celebrate their beauty, the City of Cape Town is to launch a photo exhibition featuring French models with various forms of disability.
Now, while I applaud any effort to raise awareness around Disability, there is a potential aspect of this exhibition which I fear could become similar to the old, horrible, circus activity of inviting people to come and look at "the Freak Show" (bearded ladies, small people, etc.). But possibly I am guilty of pre-judging this, and it would seem that the photographers themselves are disabled, and so that may indicate that this issue will be addressed. I don't know, but I will be going to have a look myself.

The bit that did get my blood pressure to rise though, was a comment made by one of the photographers; I can only assume that he believed what the politicians were telling him... Deza Nguembock said, "I am thrilled that the world premiere is taking place in Africa, where people with disabilities are not set apart, but form an integral part of society." WHAT???! Maybe we have had different experiences, or maybe he needs to appease the politicians who are providing the sponsorship of this exhibition. But I would defy any person with a disability to not feel set apart, or to be able to form an integral part of society in Cape Town. The reality is the complete reverse to Mr Nguembock's statement.

If you are in Cape Town during this period, then please pay this exhibition a visit, and send me your view. I shall be going, and will put my feelings down here afterwards.

I suppose art is meant to stimulate, and it does not have to be comfortable...

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