Monday, 2 April 2007

CYCLING; Cycling Race Says It Failed To Test for EPO - New York Times

This is bizarre at best, but it is also completely crass. Drug taking has spoiled the enjoyment for me of many (most?) sports. Now, whenever a sports person manages to pull off an amazing feat, or struggle through adversity, there is always the nagging doubt that they could have cheated. I remember watching Landis after his 'victory' on that stage in the Tour de France last year. He looked like he was "on" something: his eyes were darting all over the place, I could not believe it. I even said to my wife at the time, that he looked really odd, and that I guessed he was taking some drug. Yes; I think he is a cheat. I am also suspicious of Armstrong too. And I hate being suspicious of sportsmen and women like that. Sport should be inspiring and uplifting, but in recent years, first the communist blok countries, and then so many different sportsmen and women (predominantly from the USA) have been caught cheating. The US officials have an appalling record of hiding the results of doping tests, and allowing this systematic cheating to continue.

CYCLING; Cycling Race Says It Failed To Test for EPO - New York Times: "And now, organizers of the Tour of California, who boasted after last year's race that no riders tested positive for banned substances, have acknowledged that riders were not tested for what has become the sport's most abused drug -- the blood booster known as EPO.

That failure is more surprising because the lead sponsor of the Tour of California is Amgen, the California biotechnology company that produces the genetically engineered version of EPO, which is sold primarily to help cancer and dialysis patients battle anemia."

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