Friday, 13 April 2007

Another car parked in an accessible bay

Fri 13/04/2007 12:27 13042007338 Of course, any of these may be legitimate, but if they are not displaying a "Blue Permit" then it is fair game. I know that sometimes I forget to put my own up in my car, or sometimes I may have say left my car (with permit) in an accessible parking bay at the airport, and then hired a car at my destination (and so will not be able to display in the hire car). But even so, I would consider myself to be fair game to be tagged by someone else. After all I have nothing to hide, and would not mind having my car photographed in an accessible parking bay. If anyone recognizes any of the cars that I have tagged (or moblogged - is that a new word?) & you know that the person has a valid reason to be parked in this bay, then please let me know.

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