Tuesday, 27 March 2007

The "New" approach to Disability

I particularly like this quote, but I do need to check on the original author, and I will put a link up once I have found it.

Although the academic and broadsheet worlds still tend to refer to ‘the elderly’ and ‘the disabled’, as if they form distinct groups outside the mainstream of society, there is a growing trend to recognise age and disability as something we will all experience, and therefore part of a normal lifecourse. Disabled people have become increasingly assertive about their rights to access buildings and services, while for older people the emphasis is now on independence. Both groups aspire to active participation within the mainstream of society, reject the dependency and institutionalisation that were the norm for much of the last century, and are beginning to assert themselves as consumers who control significant amounts of disposable income. Such new expectations offer a rationale for design that is ‘inclusive’ rather that exclusive, and more closely aligned to contemporary social expectations.


Prof G said...

i've read this myself somewhere, but cannot find exactly where. do you have the reference for me?

Guy said...

Hi Prof - it is on a pdf file that I have saved somewere on my system, I will put the link here, but I can also email you the complete document, too, if you would like?

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