Sunday, 18 March 2007

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Leicestershire | Space hoggers face fines

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Leicestershire | Space hoggers face fines: "Space hoggers face fines
Car on yellow lines
Motorists fined for flouting parking rules
Managers at a shopping centre in Leicester say a scheme to fine drivers who park illegally in disabled bays is proving a success.

Fines were introduced at the Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre just over two weeks ago.

There had been a long standing problem with able-bodied drivers parking in disabled spaces, officials have already caught 150 people flouting the law.

Motorists are now fined �60, but the charge is reduced to £40 for those who pay within seven days.

So far, the fines have raised about £6,000, 10% of that will go to local charities for people with disabilities.

The shopping centre is also planning to extend the scheme to parent and child spaces and park and ride bays. "

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