Friday, 23 March 2007

Doubts grow over South Africa as host | World Cup | Football | Sport | Telegraph

I think this is a well thought out article, and I hope it serves as a wake-up call to the many people involved with the 2010 Soccer World Cup here. From our own involvment, we have been staggered at the arrogancy of some people (mostly politicians) invloved with this. There is much to do, and very little time to complete it in. We need to collectively extract our digits and get on with the work.

Doubts grow over South Africa as host | World Cup | Football | Sport | Telegraph: "Doubts grow over South Africa as host

By Oliver Brown in Cape Town
Last Updated: 12:54am GMT 23/03/2007

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In the lush surrounds of Cape Town's Metropolitan golf club, you are hard pressed to find signs of South Africa's struggle to be ready for the next World Cup. For on these fairways an auspicious 'sod-turning' ceremony is being held, to mark the first visible step in the creation of the city's 68,000-seat Green Point Stadium. But, as the speeches and blessings drag on, one question becomes inescapable. In three years' time, this site will host one of the tournament's semi-finals, so should there not, by now, be more than a spade in the ground?"


Stephen said...

I am not a fan of the politician and as could be seen from the sod-turning this week, they were all out in force for a picture opportunity. I would though also like to point out that without the proper support of the community a lot of time can be wasted . This has been quite evident with the green point stadium. There are small minority of people with a lot of time on their hands who don't seem to want any change which does not help them specifically.
I for one support the new stadium and due to the fact I have to work for a living and can't spend my days wasting other peoples time I have started my own blog.

Guy said...

Stephen, maybe I was a little harsh; I do want the 2010 to be a success for South Africa. I just feel that the politicians are meddling so much, and making the wrong decisions, that they are destroying our chances. I see the 2010 project as giving us a potential huge boost to all levels of society. I too have to work for a living. I am an access consultant, and I am seeing where the 2010 project leaders are making some huge mistakes, by cutting corners, and I fear we will be left with a stadium that many people cannot access & use to its full potential. We do need this catalyst to rectify many of the transportation infrastructure needs for South Africa, and Cape Town in particular. But I am fearful that the approach that the politicians are taking will again leave out Access for people with Disabilities.

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