Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Stem Cell Research

I am firmly of the opinion that Stem Cell research will eventually produce cures for many diseases and impairments. But I also believe that we are still a long way off and there needs tobe much more work done, all around the and before we will see the results. It is not going to come quickly, or cheaply.
BUT we have (as a civilized society) to support the scientists and technicians working in these areas. One thing that we all need to do is to empower ourselves by reading up on the science involved, and then trying to get our mind around the ethics. I get quite angry with politicians (such as Bush Jr.) and their various 'ethics' advisors (such as the idiot Charles Krauthammer) who appear to assume that these leading scientists, some of whom will represent the most brilliant minds on our planet, will have NO morals or ethics themselves. Therefore, Bush and his cronies, try to impose their own restricted, rightwing, religious view on the world. And, yes, I do mean the world. The various underhand methods to put forward blanket bans and restrictions through UN resolutions is deplorable. I urge everyone to do some research on this important topic to enable each of us to reach an informed decision. I have been shocked at the lead of ignorance displayed by some of the most vocal objectors to Stem Cell Research. Read what Bush, Krauthammer, and cronies have to say about it too - but their make your own mind up.

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