Monday, 22 January 2007

Political Correctness

I guess, as I am intending to write about a range of disabilities, that I ought to explain my view on nomenclature and political correctness.
My views on this (and many other subjects!) happen to coincide with the comic genius, Billy Connelly. He ways that political correctness should be stamped out at any possibility. I totally agree, as I honestly feel that terminology, and people's uncertainty surrounding the issues causes so many problems. Should it be person with a disability (as in South Africa), as proponents of this term say that it puts the person first? Or should it be (as in Europe) a disabled person? This follows on from the social model of disability, where I am disabled by the environment that I am in. I would lean to the latter (which does not always make me popular in some circles!). But at the end of the day, does it really matter? We are all people reacting individually, but normally, to abnormal situations. Get a group of wheelchair users (riders?) together, and before very long we start to refer to ourselves as "crips"!! People need to stop being so sensitive and precious. So you will notice me using all sorts of un "PC" terms, and I make no apology for that. If you are offended, then you should not be as no offence is meant. I suggest that people should listen to the excellent BBC Ouch Podcasts, to experience some good un PC action.
Jeremy, my business partner is visually impaired, so I refer to him as Bacon - Bacon Rind = Blind. I am a paraplegic, so I am Raspberry - Raspberry Ripple = Cripple. I will throw some more terms up soon...

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