Friday, 30 November 2007

Inaccessible Nedbank Branch

Inaccessible Nedbank Branch
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This makes me mad!!! This is the new location of the Nedbank branch in Fourways shopping Mall in Jo'burg. Probably one of the busiest Malls in Gauteng, and therefore South Africa. Nedbank in its infinite wisdom(?!), moved from their ground floor location to here...on the first floor. But the only way to access this level is via the escalators. So, not only wheelchair users, but also parents with prams, or shoppers with trolleys are prevented from accessing the branch. I did complain, and asked, at the time to speak to the manager...but what can I say...they are a bank...and have ignored my complaint...

I posted this on my Flickr site a while ago, but have only just worked out how to link them...I will post some more from there shortly

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