Monday, 26 November 2007

A Erwin: The Broadband Infraco Bill

I hope that this means that something will finally happen with regard to telecommunications in South Africa. We basically have a state run monopoly and therefore incredibly high charges, and very poor service - just like the UK was 20 years ago withBT . Then competition came along (Mercury, etc.) and hey presto, prices came down, and service went up. Internet connectivity can be so useful to many people with disabilities.

A Erwin: The Broadband Infraco Bill: "This broadband capacity is so strategic to our economy that the State is intervening through the formation of Broadband Infraco. The intervention seeks to address the high cost of broadband in South Africa, by making infrastructure in the national backbone and international connectivity available at cost related prices. The high cost of broadband in this country, and the limited access of this technology to all South Africans, hampers our country's participation in the global economy. Telecommunications and internet connection charges have been identified as key barriers to doing business in South Africa, and attracting more investment into the country. If nothing is done about this, our country will get left behind, and we may miss out on key investment opportunities which could further accelerate economic growth, and create more employment opportunities for our people. "

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