Friday, 23 February 2007

When is an Access Auditor not an access Auditor?

I know that in most countries still there are few accreditation procedures for Access Auditors. The National Register of Access Consultants in the UK springs to mind. But even there, membership is not mandatory.

But I know of several people who are putting themselves about as Access Consultants, or even worse; Universal Design Consultants who, other than personal experience of a disability have really no idea of what they ane talking about. Of course, that was how I ended up in this business. But I soon realized that there was a lot more to this than I thought. So I got myself some training at the Centre for Accessible Environments in London. Unfortunately, there is nothing equivalent here. But it seems that many people are happy to continue without any formal training. Some of them might be doing excellent jobs; but from what I have seen and heard of others, I am concerned as not only are they basically scamming people, they are also doing an injustice to the people with disabilities who may end up trying to use facilities that they have "audited". They are also potentially damaging to the profession, as companies will say." well we spent a load of money on access but there disabled people are still complaining."

I don't know what the answer is. I just wish that people were a bit move ethical about how they conduct themselves.

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