Tuesday, 3 June 2008

E Molewa on priority provincial disability programme

Some more political promises - we need to monitor to see if they are actually delivered.

E Molewa on priority provincial disability programme: "'The programme includes, amongst others, commitments on economic empowerment of people with disabilities, improving the internal capacity to manage the disability programme, increasing accessibility of services to persons with disabilities and broadening their participation in decision-making processes,' Premier Edna Molewa said today at the Provincial Legislature.

Tabling the Budget Vote for the Office of the Premier, Ms Molewa said she was honoured to report to the Provincial Legislature that her office has ensured that the disability sector is represented in all working groups of the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (PGDS) as promised last year.

This financial year, she said, the Office of the Premier will launch the Provincial Disability Machinery that will ensure the mainstreaming of disability issues across all sectors including government, business, labour, academic Institutions, religious bodies and all civil society organisations.

'The office on the status of people with disabilities will also convene a Provincial Disability Summit to develop a medium-term provincial plan on disability. This will be succeeded by the finalisation of establishment of municipal disability forums in all municipalities,' said Ms Molewa.

Again, they will also develop a database of people with disabilities this year."

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